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The Activities , Values and Principles of the Alpha Academy

Learning is essential to participate successfully in social, cultural, technological and economic change and to shape it. The general, professional, political and cultural continuing education is an important task of / for the public.

The Alpha Academy offers a network with local experts with high quality seminars and courses. Education is the agency of the humanistic education thinking. And acquisition of knowledge and skills, the ability to distinguish and distance as well as the emergence of a critical judgment.

Our program is based on a reliable and proven basic package gives you new educational interests and responds to changing needs. To new demands we respond quickly with existing and new collaborations and partnerships.

We are open to people of all social strata, backgrounds, nationalities, cultural orientations and ages , More

We maintain an open, barrier-free learning culture which connects to the different learning conditions of the population.We strive to reach those populations that face the classical educational institutions distances due to their learning biography. As a publicly responsible Education Centre the Social Club of Alpha Academy is politically and ideologically independent.

The Social Club is a forum, which brings together the citizens with representatives of political parties, trade unions and associations, academia and civil society, as a place of reflected public opinion in the light of competing perspectives and arguments.

Indoctrination has no place in the Social Club, because it threatens the freedom of learning. We set ourselves apart offensively with new ideas and social developments. This thematic openness requires both an attentive and responsible use issues and trends, which are located in border areas.

Esoteric teachings and speculative processes that elude a transparent, scientific reasoning and discursive argument is incompatible with our educational mission. These principles are also committed to our lecturers.

The Social Club of Alpha Academy works closely with partners from the education system, culture, science, business and administration. The Social Club is actively involved in the development of a local educational landscape, which allows open access, second educational opportunities as well as transitions between levels of education.

Participant orientation is the basis of Alpha Academy:, More

  • The educational program will be transparent and understandable.
  • Professional consulting services are geared to the interests of the clients.
  • The knowledge and interests of the participants are taken into account.
  • The selected event forms and methods enable active participation and encourage independent learning further.
  • The learning organization and lesson times corresponding to the different temporal possibilities and expectations of customers.
  • Location close to places of learning in districts and barrier- free rooms ensure the availability of offers.
  • At central venues is offered free child care.
  • A socially acceptable pricing and additional discount schemes to facilitate access.
  • logon times and types are based on the needs of our customers.
  • A professional complaint management refers to the suggestions and complaints of customers.
  • The terms and conditions are formulated customer friendly and are made public.
  • The program and service charge are accessible recognizable and reliable for customers.

Lecturers / teachers and partners, More

The Social Club of Alpha Academy is working with dedicated, professional and adult educational qualified lecturers. These are introduced in their work and encouraged to regular exchange with each other. We support their professional and didactical training with internships, collegial consultation, education and training. An elected by the teaching body representation is in regular communication with the device.

We develop results-and performance-oriented and thus ensure the future viability of the organization. We practice at all levels of an employee-related management style. The employees are supported in their educational interests and their internal development.

We regularly ask our participants, Lecturer (inn) en and partners regularly and subject ourselves to external quality checks. An internal report, communication and participation system is the basis for internal change and optimization processes. We have an active youth development and build the opportunities for vocational training from. The Social Club of Alpha Academy operates a quality development, among others, based on the European Foundation for Quality Management ( EFQM) . We pursue the improvement of our bid, organizational, service and equipment quality continuously . Scientific Advisory Boardsupport the quality assurance of the program.

Active seniors, More

As a partner of the Social Club we advise small and medium-sized businesses in their formation and development, but we also help them to overcome difficult phases. As a partner of schools, high schools and colleges, we support young people in the transition from education to working life. Our commitment also extends to corporate and social sectors, such as education initiatives and school projects as well as the founders and Environmental Pact of the Bavarian State Ministries. The active seniors not pursue their own economic interests sheep. Our members are volunteers. The active seniors are objective and independent.

Partner for the SME : Business Incubator & Go Abroad, More

We help small and medium-sized enterprises :
  • Planning and preparation in the establishment phase
  • Solid concept development and implementation
  • Site selection and site selection
  • Business succession
  • Organic and controlled growth of the company
  • Presentation abroad
  • We provide consulting teams for reorganization or restructuring in abusive conditions
    Business succession and other complex problem solutions ready .

Partner for the researcher , More

Information on protection of intellectual property rights and patent possibilities for inventions , research undInnovation. Providing contacts to / with / industry and technology networks , service providers and experts experts , companies and investors

Programs for youth : , More

The Youth in Action program helps young people to learn new skills, increase employability and to become responsible citizens - helping gifted and talented young people to find each other and to form networks and is an especially valuable opportunity for disadvantaged youth international contacts and opportunities gain

The program intercultural understanding is particularly important in areas where many cultures live together and help children learn about different customs and ways of life and thus the other better acceptance. Together with schools, teachers and parents, we make young people ready for the transition from school their professional lives.

We point the way for a realistic self-assessment and career guideance :
  • Train written applications and interviews
  • arrange internships and apprenticeships
We organize youth exchanges with Germany and France The " Young Scientist" program :
  • Provides a unique non-formal learning experience
  • Encourages young people to innovation and development of high-quality projects
The Project: Sport against violence helps better to approach with violence in school children.

Gifted & Talented all ages, More

We advise Gifted and Talented about prospects and training opportunities. We advise on gifted children whose parents , teachers and schools on goal -oriented education , training and teaching methods and offer local, national and international networks for Gifted and Talented .

Commitment to Society, More

We support non-profit organizations and support from social services in matters of efficiency and economy. As part of the Environmental Pact , we participate in environmental projects and certifications. Long-term unemployed , we help in career transition .

Donations for a good cause . The Alpha Academy Store, More

accepts used books, clothing for teenagers and children , sports equipment . The proceeds of the sale amount will go to charity

Alpha Community Awards, More

We live in a time of change. Now, more than ever, people set up non-profit companies, build communities or social enterprises. Problems are solved with innovative projects and ideas. More and more young people are choosing this path of change to go, often alongside their studies.
The Alpha Community Awards honors the best ideas: Everyone can win.
The winners are those that positively and easily convert with their ideas, innovations, commitment, services, photos, videos, customer service, products and / or institutions the world a positive place.

Values and principles, More

In dealing with our clients and partners, they guide us to appreciation, respect and openness. We are reliable and trustworthy. We help each other, bring us up to date and learn. We constantly monitor the quality of our work. Honorary members will be pleased to help you with our experience for your future.

Program areas, More

  • Open Academy
  • Society and politics
  • Health and environment
  • Culture, art, creativity
  • Languages
  • Career development and IT
  • Basic education and qualifications
  • Public relations
  • Events & Event Management
  • Active Seniors
  • Youth
  • Kids
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